Thank you to our Earth Day Everyday Sponsors!

A big thank you our sponsors for their generous support to bring our festival to life!

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What is Earth Day Everyday?

Earth Day Everyday is an initiative from Friends of Pound Ridge. We aspire to share ways on how to live a low waste lifestyle, not just on Earth Day, but everyday.  Join your community of fellow Pound Ridgers and neighbors to start learning how you can make a positive impact.

Reduce Single-Use Plastic at home and when you’re out.
Start composting at home with these 3 easy ways:
Backyard Compost, Community Compost, and Curbside Compost.
Find out what works best you and your family.

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Over 2600 Plastic Bottles Diverted

Our Water Refill Station has helped us divert over 2600 single-use plastic bottles from the waste stream since last year. With participation of the community, we will continue to make this impact on waste reduction through our Earth Day Everyday Pop-up Water Refill Station at events around town, ONE LESS PLASTIC BOTTLE, at a time.

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Reducing Waste, one event at a time

Let us show you how our Earth Day Everday Pop-up can reduce waste at local events!

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