Sustainability in Schools

Schools are the foundation for learning and the perfect place to educate students, parents, and staff members about the little changes they can make to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Each of us plays an important role in our society, and we must do our part to make our planet green and clean

What can parents do?

You can buy sustainable toys from online platforms such as ‘Green Toys’, ‘Oompa’ and ‘Bella Luna Toys’, and many other websites. These toys are eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic! You can also set up a recycling station at home and guide your kids on how to sort their recyclable waste. Additionally, You can replace single-use plastic bottles such as water bottles with reusable metal or glass bottles. 

What can teachers do?

Encourage your students to keep their phones and iPads aside to spend more time outside. You could also teach them the importance of sustainability and organize trips to the local landfill and recycling centers. Furthermore, you could reuse recyclable materials for art projects and set up a box for students to toss their unwanted supplies, to reuse the following year.

What can students do?

You can use recycled notebooks, or you could also switch to e-notepads to save paper! It is also important to avoid charging your electrical devices all night to save electricity. Additionally, you can take a nature walk or bike around your neighborhood during your recreational time. This way, you would contribute to reducing electricity consumption and get in a free workout!

What can school dining managers do?

You can set up compost bins outside cafeterias and conduct a session for students to demonstrate how they should be used. You could also source ingredients from local farmer’s markets and use environment-friendly meal plans that include vegetarian or vegan dishes.

Start small

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. It is the small changes that lead to a bigger change and a greener environment. Schools can be a great place to start educating students about sustainability so they can start creating environmentally-friendly habits from a young age.

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