Recycling Right Locally

When it comes to recycling, they are many more things that can be recycled besides plastic bottles, glass bottles, food containers, and cans. If you look around your house, you probably don’t realize how many things you could be recycling instead of throwing them away in the trash. And you probably don’t even realize that when you give one of your old things to someone or you get something second hand from someone else, that is recycling.

Why secondhand and used is better

Recycling can simply be to find a new home for something, especially when that ‘something’ is in good working condition and you just don’t need it anymore. When considering new purchases, next time think about looking for something used or refurbished. These efforts help the circular economy, reducing how many things go to the landfill. And if you find these items locally, it also reduces emissions from shipping. Now you’re beginning to understand that finding ways to recycle more of these kind of items in your home can reduce your trash and emissions. Good places to look are on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Poshmark, and Craigslist.

Recycling the things your carter doesn’t take

There’s also a number of other items you can recycle even if your refuse carter doesn’t take them. This is where it can be somewhat vague and get frustrating and when things get tossed into the trash. We know it’s not easy to find where you can recycle some of these other items; and you end up throwing them out because you don’t know what else to do. Well, we have a great solution to make it really easy to learn about what other items you can recycle – meet Riley, a local Pound Ridger.

Recycling right with Riley

Riley has created an effort that provides solutions for those ‘hard to find where to recycle’ items. Riley has established local drop off locations for you to bring specific items you can recycle in some of our local shops, our community and municipal locations. Riley has made it possible for our residents to quickly know where to recycle items like dental hygiene packaging, electronics, clothing, eyeglasses, razors and razor blades, and many more! Visit her website, Recycle Right with Riley, and start collecting all those things around your house that you used to throw away and get ready to recycle them!

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