Earth Day Everyday Pop-up

What is the Earth Day Everyday Pop-up?

We created an Earth Day Everyday Pop-up for our own Friends of Pound Ridge events and to travel to other local Pound Ridge events we participate at. Our EDE Pop-up is a low waste solution that includes our Water Refill Station, Staffed Waste Stations, Compost Education Table, and Waste Reduction Consultations. We put into action any single service or combination of these services in planning a successful low waste event.

Water Refill Station

Water Refill Station – This is an alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. We use the station to fill reusable water bottles or get compostable cups and help make a difference in keeping single-use plastic water bottles out of the waste stream!

Staffed Waste Stations

Waste Stations – We coordinate a commercial compost drop off/pick up service for our staffed waste stations along with a venue’s trash and recycle pails. We train and provide volunteer staff to ensure guests are properly disposing of everything while making it a learning experience too.

Education Table

Education Table – This is how we teach residents about 3 ways to compost to significantly reduce their trash, and how to reduce single-use items with our Swap Guide. We offer a hand-finished countertop compost bin and a reusable water bottle for a donation where 100% of the proceeds go back to the Earth Day Everyday initiative.

Waste Reduction Consultations

Waste Reduction Consultations – We work with event coordinators, food suppliers, and other vendors, to reduce the need for many single-use items by replacing them with compostable alternatives and providing recommendations on waste reduction behaviors such as guests bringing reusable water bottles and encouraging them to hold on to compostable serve ware until they are finished. Read about why it’s important to ensure any compostable products are BPI Certified and where to get them.

Caroline and Melinda at the Water Refill Station
Helena, our Waste Warrior, at the Waste Station
Earth Day Everyday Pop-Up featuring the Water Refill Station, Education Table, and Waste Station

This is how we can work together to reduce trash and make a significant impact on waste reduction in our community. Look for us at Friends of Pound Ridge and other local events. Check our Upcoming Events to find out where we’ll be next and hope to see you around town!

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our experiences and give you advice in planning a successful low waste event.

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