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Learn about which compost program best fits your needs. Commit to Compost and find out how to get our exclusive Countertop Compost Bin.

There are several ways to compost and it’s important to figure out which way will work best for you and your family.  Curbside Compost is a local service that will pick up your compost right from your door.  Community Compost is a local compost drop off program offered by the Town of Pound Ridge Conservation Board.

Both of these programs offer commercial composting services which allow for composting of many more items than a backyard compost system such as meat, fish and dairy, making your compost efforts even more effective by reducing your trash significantly.  See the list of What I Can Compost? through these programs. You can also choose one of these programs and still have a backyard composting bin so you can create your own compost at home to use in your yard. Once you’ve decided which way you are going to compost, join us by showing your ready to  Commit to Compost and make a donation to get our exclusive Earth Day Everyday Countertop Compost Bin.

Curbside Compost

Curbside Compost is a local compost service that will provide you with a compost bin for you to collect all your compost items every week and pick it up at your home. Here’s how Curbside Compost works:

  • Receive a complimentary 5 gallon compost bin for you to collect your compost
  • Compost picked up every Monday
  • Replace your full 5 gallon compost bin with a clean bin every week on the Monday pick up
  • Service costs $32/month or $352/year ($3/month savings)

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Community Compost

Community Compost is offered by the Town of Pound Ridge. The program allows you to collect your compost and drop it off twice a week at the Pound Ridge Highway Department. Here’s how Community Compost works:

  • The program has a one-time registration fee of $25
  • Receive a complimentary 1.6 gallon kitchen countertop compost bin and a 6 gallon compost bin for your garage or shed
  • Drop off your compost on either Wednesday and/or Saturday mornings weekly

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We’re so excited you’re looking to start composting. When you sign up, don’t forget to let us know you’ve committed to compost!

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