Swap Guide

So you finally made it to the reduce and reuse step in your low waste lifestyle!  We’re going to make it super easy to find reusable replacements for those single-use items you’ve been using.

First ask yourself, “do I really need this?”

Keep in mind, a low waste lifestyle is not only about finding a swappable alternative for EVERY thing you do and use. You want to also reduce buying new things too. And while these swappables are eco-friendly alternatives, make sure they are reusable and not just eco-friendly single-use items, which in the end will only be taking away from your efforts. Take time to think about whether you really need to replace something, so only swap what you truly feel is necessary in your everyday life. Here are some of our low waste reusable ideas to get you started.

Swap It Out Ideas

Look for these swappable products in local or online eco-friendly shops.

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